Bridging the culture gap

Our editorial channel

Social-first publisher
  • Our standalone media channel is called Bohdee and publishes directly to Weibo and WeChat.

  • Our target audience includes Mandarin-speaking Chinese Australians and Chinese people visiting Australia, including a significant number of international students.

  • Content consists of videos and articles, both in English (with Chinese captions) and Chinese.
  • The video below about Chinese Hanfu received more than 1 million views on Weibo.
Growing audience
  • 596,000 Australians speak Mandarin at home, representing an increase of 77% since 2011.
  • A further 1.5 million mainland Chinese visit Australia every year.
  • Chinese students make up 31% of international students in Australia.
  • Australian media sites don’t prioritise issues that matter to Chinese people in Australia, nor do they produce content in a way that engages a Chinese audience.

  • Our tailor-made content is produced by Australian-based Chinese journalists, rather than translators.

We can help you connect

  • Bohdee Media helps Australian brands and organisations connect with Chinese audiences, both here and in China.
  • Our services include social media management, video production, and native content on Bohdee’s WeChat/Weibo channel.
  • The Bohdee Media-managed Weibo account for the Australian Academy of Science was selected by the Australian Embassy in Beijing to help showcase Australia to a large social audience in mainland China.
  • Our Chinese social media team is headed by Juncheng Guo who graduated in journalism from Minzu University of China in Beijing before obtaining his Masters at the Australian National University. 

Chinese video for Bohdee Media client Arc Energy