Getting the message right

Storytellers, not advertisers

  • Our team is led by Adam Boland, who transformed Sunrise into Australia’s top-rating breakfast show. Since leaving television, Adam has worked with leading media companies, including News Corp, to develop a new digital grammar for video.

  • We use evidence-based video techniques to secure engagement.
  • Our producers have a deep understanding of English and Chinese social platforms, allowing us to tailor content to suit.
  • We have full in-house capabilities including scripting, shooting, editing, and world-class animation.
  • We don’t have the same overheads as big production companies or agencies, meaning we can bring down budgets while delivering authentic content.

Case study

Australian Academy of Science

  • We work hand-in-hand with the Academy to produce weekly videos about science for mainstream audiences.

  • Our partnership has resulted in the Academy’s official Facebook page skyrocketing from 9,000 followers to 1.5 million.
  • Our videos have been watched millions of times on various Academy channels.
  • The strategy has received national recognition, including a Golden Target Award.
  • Bohdee Media is trusted by the Academy because it applies rigorous fact-checking.
  • We also manage the Academy’s Chinese social media accounts.
  • Our Chinese content is reviewed by an esteemed panel of Chinese scientists, and has received recognition by the Australian Embassy in Beijing.

    Science Matters, produced by Bohdee Media 

    Branding and animation

    • We can deliver all aspects of branding from website design to video animation.

    • Our team includes the former Digital Art Director for GQ Australia, Christian Harimanow, and the former broadcast design lead for SBS2, Rose Draper.

    Bohdee Media animation reel